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  1. mary-lynne

    March Challenge #7 - 52 Inspirations

    Thanks for the challenge! Used 5 different kits see gallery for full credits
  2. Slip-and-slide.jpg


    My DGD, many years ago, playing on her Slip and Slide. Uses 52 Inspirations: 2017 - 26 - Vicki S - BG paper 2021 - 21 - ViVa Floating Frame 2021 - 12 - Mediterranka Flowers 2017 - 08 - Vicki S Butterfly 2015 - 05 - Vicki S Frames
  3. mary-lynne


    MARCH 2023 challenge layout links: CHALLENGE 1 - WEB INSPIRATION {insert link} CHALLENGE 2 - LYRICS AND POEMS {insert link} CHALLENGE 3 - RECIPE Sunset Dinner CHALLENGE 4 - WORDART {insert link} CHALLENGE 5 - OCCASIONS AND THEMES {insert link} CHALLENGE 6 - COPYCAT CHALLENGE Valentines...
  4. mary-lynne

    March Challenge #3 - Recipe

    Thanks for the challenge! Mask on photo String/thread behind flower cluster dupped bird two times Stamped notes Colored title
  5. Sunset-dinner.jpg


    From our trip to Big Bend earlier this month. Using Sunset Harvest by Karen Schulz
  6. mary-lynne

    March Challenge #6 - Copycat

    Thanks for the challenge! I used Marilyn's How do you Feel for my lift Marilyn: My version:
  7. valentines natali.jpg

    valentines natali.jpg

    My DGD on Valentines Day 2003. Scraplifted How Do You Feel by mcurtt. Using Captured Love by Natali
  8. mary-lynne

    February Challenge #5 - Template

    Thanks for the challenge! Using So Loved by Palvinka
  9. Valentines 23

    Valentines 23

    Hubby and Me. Using So Loved by Palvinka.
  10. mary-lynne

    February Challenge #6 - Color Play

    Thanks for the Challenge!
  11. hawk-birdbath.jpg


    I love living across from a park with a lake. The number and variety of birds that come to our feeder is wonderful. But this is the first hawk that has come to the birdbath! Using Artful Memories by Vicki R., October 22 ColorPlay
  12. mary-lynne

    2023-02 Vicki Robinson February Challenge *** WINNER ANNOUNCED ***

    thanks for the challenge! This is my first word salad...loved it! As soon as I saw the tags "gently" and "strong", I thought of these hummer photos. The other prompts can be loosely applied!
  13. vrd-word-salad-hummers.jpg


    Hummers! Uses Vicki P.S. I love you by Vicki Robinson
  14. mary-lynne

    AnnaColor Challenge 01.27.2023 - 02.09.2023

    Thanks for the challenge!
  15. mary-lynne

    AnnaLift Challenge 01.27.23 - 02.10.23

    Thanks for the challenge! I recolored the lavender flower to pick up the maroon and took the color palette from the color challenge.
  16. AnnaLift-Cuyahoga-Cemetary-Great-Falls.jpg


    Cuyahoga NP Trail Cemetary. Uses Artplay Wildflower Curled Frames Button Threads 2
  17. AnnaColor-Cuyahoga-Cemetary-Great-Falls-2.jpg


    Cuyahoga NP Great Falls. Uses Artplay Wildflower Curled Frames Artplay Amidst and Tres Bon WA Mix 1
  18. mary-lynne

    **Closed** February Challenge #4 - Big Photo

    Thanks for the challenge! Using He Is by NLD. top of photo has a soft edge, but it's black on black!
  19. Hall-of-Fame-Emmitt.jpg


    Football Hall of Fame visit. My fav...Emmitt Smith Using He Is by NLD
  20. mary-lynne


    FEBRUARY 2023 challenge layout links: CHALLENGE 1 - ARTIST INSPIRATION {insert link} CHALLENGE 2 - MOOD BOARD {insert link} CHALLENGE 3 - HERITAGE {insert link} CHALLENGE 4 - BIG PHOTO Emmitt CHALLENGE 5 - TEMPLATE Valentines 23 CHALLENGE 6 - COLOR PLAY Birdbath Hawk CHALLENGE 7 - QUOTE TO WORD...