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  4. zanthia

    Comment by 'zanthia' in media 'reverie-joyful-heart.jpg'

    thanks so much cheryl - am honored
  5. zanthia

    Do you use the color wheel?

    no , as one kit scrappercolors go well toegether and jsut use a photo that i think looks good with the kit colors
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  8. zanthia

    ABC's of Boys Names

    B - Bobby
  9. zanthia

    ABC Of Girls Names

    U - ursula
  10. zanthia

    ABC of songtitles

    v - ventura highway
  11. zanthia

    ABC of food or drinks

    B - banana
  12. zanthia

    ABC's of Destinations

    Z - zurich
  13. zanthia

    ABC of music artist or music group or band

    t - tina turner
  14. zanthia

    What are you watching: 2023

    yes it is peacock
  15. zanthia

    What are you watching: 2023

    i have watched it - think i may be a season or 2 behind. started watching because it was being compared to this is us. nothing like it - this is us is FAR superior. to me the show is jsut okay, not a must watch. will probably watch once final season is over.
  16. zanthia

    What are you watching: 2023

    just started watching poker face - very good lots of columbo vibes from this. plus wehn i watched orange is the new black, natasha lyonne was one of my faves
  17. zanthia

    Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? If so , what do you usually do?

    not irish but where i live now there are lots of parades. Usually try to go to at least one . last saturday was supposed to go and march in a larger one with a dog group but the weather was wet and cold so i didnt go ( quite a few people did cancel because of the weather) then on sunday went...
  18. zanthia

    What technique do you use most often on your pages?

    i like to use overlay, soft light ,hard light/vivid light - just depends on what i am trying to blend
  19. zanthia

    ABC's of Boys Names

    Z - Zach
  20. zanthia

    ABC Of Girls Names

    S - sally