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  1. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'oscraps 2023 02 masculine.jpg'

    Love the scene in the background with the men talking in front of it. Great masculine layout!
  2. seniorgal

    FEBRUARY 2023 - Standing O's

    @veer Thank you! Glad you liked it.
  3. seniorgal

    February Art Journaling Challenge #1

    I was inspired by the photo with all the clouds in it.
  4. Nothing but Mist

    Nothing but Mist

  5. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'Members Challenge Masculine LO'

    Oh, you've used one of my favorite kits! You have such great grandsons, love that photo. You must have a lot of fun with them. I love how you used the large guitar and buttoned down the photo.
  6. seniorgal


    CHALLENGE 1 - ARTIST INSPIRATION {insert link} CHALLENGE 2 - MOOD BOARD {insert link} CHALLENGE 3 - HERITAGE {insert link} CHALLENGE 4 - BIG PHOTO {insert link} CHALLENGE 5 - TEMPLATE {insert link} CHALLENGE 6 - COLOR PLAY{insert link} CHALLENGE 7 - QUOTE TO WORD ART {insert link}
  7. seniorgal

    Masculine Layout

    @Cherylndesigns Thank you Cheryl! I hope lots of members will join this one.
  8. seniorgal

    Masculine Layout

    Here's a couple from me. Although not a new toy it's still like one for him. Valentine's Day is coming.
  9. seniorgal

    Masculine Layout

    Do a masculine page that's new for this challenge Definition: having qualities or an appearance associated with men or boys. GC deadline February 28 (one winner $5 GC) Some ideas: home renovation, military, cowboy, pirates, masculine dog, stallion, lions, chess, playing guitar, car restoration...
  10. All You Get

    All You Get

    For Member's Ch Masculine Layout
  11. New Toy

    New Toy

    For Member's Ch Masculine Layout
  12. seniorgal

    $5GC Guest Designer Challenge

    @Nonni F Loved seeing all your great layouts with Fiddlette Designs! You have a real talent for using them so creatively.
  13. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE ThisBeautifulFantastic Fiddlette copy.jpg'

    Love all the flowers in the background and how you used the swirls as a necklace!
  14. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE Coszy Winter - Let It Snow'

    What a great Winter page. I like how you used all the word art.
  15. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE Harvest Moon - Daydream Design'

    Love that font and how you used the clusters above and below the photo!
  16. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE Bliss NovTemp DayDream copy.jpg'

    You look like a Hollywood star! Love your layout and the message it contains.
  17. seniorgal

    $5GC Guest Designer Challenge

    @BrightEyes Thanks so much for sharing all of those with us. We'll give you a special thank you prize of a special emoji. #thanks-3
  18. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE Winterlands Daydream copy.jpg'

    Oh, this is so yummy! Love the photo treatment and the vine behind it and all the wonderful things in the background.
  19. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'BE - Listen'

    What a lovely page! I love your words in the wreath and your use of the elements.
  20. seniorgal

    Comment by 'seniorgal' in media 'READ'

    What a great saying and love the scene you created with the girl reading. Love the book page in the background and the border of circles. Lovely!