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  1. Cat

    Oh Cat!....(and others)

    Nope, we get them here in mint, orange and caramel :D Thanks hun, I am not having a great time, I thought it was healing well, but apparently not, yesterday I was told I have to be referred to an orthopedic surgeon, after 7 months with 2 healing fractures (tibia and fibia) and still having...
  2. Cat

    Oh Cat!....(and others)

    LOL..I am still skulking around in ninja mode, just had a lot on over the past few months, dealing with injury and trying to organise a school reunion...blah blah blah.... But as always, wine and kit-kats pulls me straight out ;)
  3. Cat

    Oh Cat!....(and others)

    OMG...You know I need to get to Japan to get me some of them....wine and kit-kats my favourite combo!!! Life in my attic would be bliss!!!
  4. Cat

    Comment by 'Cat' in media 'In Memory'

    Thank you Molly and thank you for putting me onto your kit, the word art and pearl cluster is perfect :)
  5. In Memory

    In Memory

    This is a layout in memory of our school friend who tragically passed away over 20yrs ago. The reason for this layout is that I am organising a school reunion which is being held on Saturday night (6th Nov) and we wanted to honour our dear friend John who is still terribly missed. Memories...
  6. Cat

    Happy Birthday Therese!!!

    Happy Birthday Therese...I hope you have a fabby spoilt day :love:
  7. Cat

    Happy Birthday Cat!!! woooohoooo!!!

    You know me to well :D Thank you all again, I have a wonderful day with my family, the sun was beaming and beautiful messages from the greatest friends all day....what more could a girl want :love:
  8. Cat

    Happy Birthday Cat!!! woooohoooo!!!

    Aww thank you ladies :love: Ona...I am taking recharge of that whip as from midnight GMT!!! :croc:
  9. Cat

    The Final Straw

    I have always always entered the SCA, just for fun, but when I saw the initial rules for this I thought noway, its unfortunate, but I saw this as a larger version of the gallery standouts, a popularity contest! But to add insult to injury there now is a flaw within the voting system allowing...
  10. Cat


    Oh Wia ((((hugs)))) I am so so sorry for your loss :( I was actually wondering where you had got to, you take all the time you need sweetheart (((hugs))) my thoughts are with you.
  11. Cat

    Big...huge...important News!!!!

  12. Everyday


    Everyday Hello Collab Fei-Fei Stuff and Ashalee Wall @ Oscraps
  13. Brother & Sister

    Brother & Sister

    Everyday Hello Collab kit Fei-Fei Stuff and Ashalee Wall @ Oscraps
  14. Cat

    enable me...

    What about a collab, you get loads in there, check the Oscraps collabs They are always up to date with design tastes AND, you get to sample every designer at Oscraps ;) Not to mention every collab is packed to the rafters with elements and alphas as well as a gazillion papers every item is so...
  15. Serious but Cute!

    Serious but Cute!

    New Fei-Fei's Stuff Spring Swirls 2 Papers from Love at first Cuddle Collab Kit Fei-Fei's Stuff and Designs by Anita Wordart from Survey Says by One Little Bird All available @ Oscraps
  16. Cheese


    My son goofing around, this is the pose I normally get as soon as he sees my camera!! Nina Scraps Designs Sweet.Memories @ Oscraps
  17. Cat

    Comment by 'Cat' in media 'Heart Sings'

    OMG...This is just gorge!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! She is just a wee cutie!
  18. Cat

    CT call

    Oh good luck Miss Kim, I am sure you will be inundated with applications...I heart your patterned papers!
  19. Cat


    I have not found my pen! I'm in two minds in ordering a new one, sods law is that it will get ordered and old one will turn up! Not to mention it costs around £30 ($47) to order a new one and its around that price to buy a whole new tablet!! BUT...I cant extract or erase without my pen...
  20. Cat

    Comment by 'Cat' in media 'Snapshot'

    Oh love the clean lines to this, gorgeous color palette