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  1. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Mini Lagoon -Joan Robillard-All is calm.jpg'

    What a creative idea to use the doiley to contain the image. Nice blending!!
  2. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes digital-art-scenic-template-album-go-see-viv.jpg'

    Absolutely stunning!! Love the dark background!!
  3. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-ksacry Sissy'

    Very festive! Your cat has quite the piercing eyes. You've captured her magnificently!! Great storytelling too!!
  4. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'AnnaLift. Going Courting.jpg'

    Lovely vintage pic!
  5. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-scenic-template-8-ksacry Kalaloch'

    Wow - what colour!! A stunning layout. I love that your journaling fits perfectly into the artistry and nestled against your titke!!.
  6. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'Two Fawns - Flock'

    What a sweet image! I love that you've contained it with texture on the top & paint underneath - lovely ❤️
  7. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-artsytransfers-frolic-michelle-count-the-days.jpg


    Count the Days Created with the Artplay Frolic Collection (available as a Collection for a limited time) as well as bits and pieces from the New Artplay MiniPalette Lagom, free with $20 purchase during the Black Friday sale event, 24th to 28th November, 2022.
  8. pmjames

    AnnaColor Challenge 11.18.2022 - 12.01.2022

    "Feast Your Eyes" practising for Anna's Master Custom Blending Course and the colours seemed perfect for this challenge.
  9. Anna Color: anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-flock-michelle-Feast-Your-Eyes.jpg

    Anna Color: anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-flock-michelle-Feast-Your-Eyes.jpg

    Feast Your Eyes Created with the Artplay Flock Collection on Sale now from the 23rd November, 2022 for a limited time. Lots of Artplay Brushes used while I practised for Anna’s Master Custom Blending Course.
  10. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artsy-layered-template-frolic-michelle.jpg


    Only Once Per Year Created with the new Artplay Frolic Collection with memories from Mothers Day 2022.
  11. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-kinsfolk-michelle-my-tribe.jpg


    My Tribe Created with the Artplay Kinsfolk Collection On Sale now with a 54% discount and now includes the coordinating ArtsyTransfers until 30th November, at 9am EST.
  12. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-Frolic collection-Joan Robillard-Winter.jpg'

    Lovely job - great work with containing the image of the white horse.
  13. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'Mother/Anna lift'

    Lovely layout- love the words and the large image of Mother is blended beautifully!
  14. anna-aspnes-digital-art-artplay-collection-frolic-michelle.jpg


    Frolic Created with mostly the new Artplay Frolic Collection which is Christmas themed and some other bits and pieces; however, I started playing (not quite in the Christmas spirit yet LOL) and this darker layout emerged!!
  15. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'anna-aspnes-digital-art-value-pack-medley-november-ksacry Youth AnnaLift'

    So well done!! The colour you've got into that old image is amazing!!
  16. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'Master-Custom-Blending-Scraplift-Adryane'

    Lovely layout. I love how you've used the black glasses and your blending is wonderful.
  17. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media 'Family Story'

    What a great family pic! I love how you've used the tree brush behind your image!
  18. pmjames

    Comment by 'pmjames' in media '20221028_resize.jpg'

    What gorgeous colour! A beautiful sunrise!!