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  1. garrynkim

    January Challenge #2 - Borders

    thank you for the fun challenge
  2. Everyday-forever.jpg


    Create a border Challenge 2
  3. garrynkim


    JANUARY 2022 CHALLENGE LAYOUT LINKS: Challenge 1: Multi Photos (insert link) Challenge 2: Border Challenge Everyday Forever Challenge 3: Color Palette (insert link) Challenge 4: Big Photo Challenge Taz and Grandpa Challenge 5: Font Challenge (insert link) Challenge 6: Artsy/Mixed Media (insert...
  4. garrynkim

    January Challenge #4 - Big Photo

    Thanks for the fun challenge
  5. Taz-and-Grandpa.jpg


    Big Photo challenge #4
  6. Day 4-Baby-christmas.jpg

    Day 4-Baby-christmas.jpg

    Rustic Christmas Bundle
  7. garrynkim

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 6 - Cookie recipe | CHALLENGE

    I can't wait for the recipe book! How fun!
  8. Day 6-Molasses-spice-cookies.jpg

    Day 6-Molasses-spice-cookies.jpg

    Rustic Christmas Bundle
  9. Day 12-Winter-Wonderland-2017.jpg

    Day 12-Winter-Wonderland-2017.jpg

    Lorie Davison | For You Sugar Snow
  10. Day 9-Nostalgic.jpg

    Day 9-Nostalgic.jpg

    Oscraps Collaboration | Rustic Christmas bundle
  11. Day 7-Border Challenge Merry-Moments.jpg

    Day 7-Border Challenge Merry-Moments.jpg

    Palvinka | Merry Moments
  12. Day 3-Joyful-Santa.jpg

    Day 3-Joyful-Santa.jpg

    12 Days of December 2021 Challenge 3 Chain Scraplift Oscraps Collaboration | Comfort and Joy
  13. garrynkim

    Comment by 'garrynkim' in media 'Day-3-challenge.jpg'

    I love how you scraplifted this. The horizontal design is beautiful. Great job!
  14. Day 10-Cowboy-and-his-horse.jpg

    Day 10-Cowboy-and-his-horse.jpg

    12 Days of December 2021 Challenge 10 Lynne Anzelc | Autumn Expressions Laitha | Interlude-Photo Masks