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  1. AnaSantos

    I´m so sad ...

    I can't even believe what happen today, after eleven years of friendship and companionship I'm going to let my best friend go. My eyes are full of tears but even so I think it was my greatest act of love. I love you to the moon and back.
  2. AnaSantos

    What's good ends fast!!

    And that's it... the good life of scrapping all day is over!! today classes start in Portugal and I will have to spend at least half of my day away from home. #cry
  3. AnaSantos

    Probably the biggest scare I've ever had in my all life

    Hi girls, today I got one of those frights where your heart almost jumps out of your mouth. Imagine, I connect one of my external disks and all of a sudden I just found a folder that said Oscraps and inside just the APP Ocher, all the remaining 1.2 Tb of data, some that I can't even recover...
  4. AnaSantos

    Photoshop classes

    I was wondering if any of you know where we can get interesting Photoshop lessons. I used to buy Scrapanners classes but the site closed and I don't know where to find something as good as that. Do any of you have ideas or tips?
  5. AnaSantos

    Finally ... vacation!!!

    August is here and I'm finally on vacation, great I really needed it. And now I have so many plans for things I'd like to do and learn that I don't even know if I'm on vacation anymore, LoL. Anyone with a similar feeling?
  6. AnaSantos

    Are you experiencing a hot Summer?

    These last few days have been very hot days in Portugal. Temperatures have been above 40 degrees in most of the territory and I don't remember ever being this hot. We have some active fires with considerable dimensions that don't give firefighters rest. I try to stay at home as long as possible...
  7. AnaSantos

    Color palette or theme

    If you were asked if you prefer to make a layout with a color palette or a theme, what would you choose? forget the photo for a moment, a layout may not have a photo. For me it´s simple ... a color palette. What about you?
  8. AnaSantos


    The lucky winners are: Winner 1 ($10): 01lousmith Winner 2 ($5): cfile Winner 3 ($5): ElectraF Hi, everyone!! Welcome to Day 2 of our 16th Birthday Party!! My name is Ana and I will be hosting my favorite game ever … a scavenger hunt. Don´t be scared, I´m so happy to have you here playing...
  9. AnaSantos

    Tell me the truth ...

    Today I´m struggling with my layouts, I´m having a hard time to find a good photo for them. So, tell me the truth ... is it me or do you feel the same sometimes.
  10. AnaSantos

    Free Fonts

    Hi, everyone!! I´m always looking for some cool and free fonts to use in my layouts, LoL! Just in case you don't know this web site, I leave here the link so you can check it out. There are many free fonts for you to pick!! Enjoy!! Ps- if you know some cool places, share it please!! TIA
  11. AnaSantos

    Adobe Bridge problems

    Hello everyone!! I think I'm going to give up using Bridge. It's very useful for me to organize photos and digital kits, it takes me forever to get everything organized but some time later the folders don't have access to what I've archived there. Anyone with the same problem?
  12. AnaSantos

    New fur baby arriving

    Hi everyone, I'm so excited that I have to share it with you... tomorrow I'm getting a new baby kitten. I wrote "fur baby" but he doesn't actually have fur, LoL. It will be the fifth cat in the family and he is very friendly although a little naughty. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!!
  13. AnaSantos

    Are you a sketch or template scrapper?

    I was just wondering!! do you prefer a sketch or a template to start a layout? I prefer a good template but only when my mojo is a bit down. What about you?
  14. AnaSantos

    Starting a new layout

    I have a question for you. How do you guys start a layout? I always have a hard time unless I use a template, which is rare. Do you start with a word art, with a photo? a paper? with what? please inspire me. TIA for all contributions.
  15. AnaSantos

    Helo from Lisbon

    Hi everyone, I've been around here for a while but I don't think I've ever introduced myself properly to this community. So, here it goes... my real name is Ana and I'm Portuguese. So, English is my second league and I apologize if I sound weird when I wright. I live in a small town about 15...