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  1. nightshadow

    Kit used?

    I saw this fabulous layout in the gallery, it was one of those chosen for the Finger Pointing post. Now that we can no longer get credits showing with out images, I have no idea what kit was used to create this and I love it. Anyone?
  2. nightshadow

    Can't Sleep? Daily chat for the night birds

    I don't know if it was the incentive of prizes or if it's something the "O" really needs, but I noticed during the 11th party celebration that the "I want to know" thread was quite busy. Just in case the reason was because there are more people than me who are up late I'm starting this thread...
  3. nightshadow

    Hello from S.W. Florida

    My name is Elaina but I'm known on the internet as Nightshadow. I'm another former lurker who decided it was time to participate. :) I am also a member of Jopke's CT team and thought I should make myself known...so... Hi everybody! :D