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    Comment by 'tanteva' in media 'BTM19 and fr.jpg'

    Congrats on being featured on Gallery Standouts! I love the framing of the photo, the soft tone on the photo and the great shadow work on this layout.
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    Daily ooos: June 12-13: Weekend Edition

    First of all: both cats have accepted the new litter. Let's hope it will continue going well, and that the new litter is better. Discord's been coughing for a long time, and we are testing if a crystal sand will be better for him. Any way, this means that Mårten is not the most stubborn cat I've...
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    It's been several years but I am more in AWE every time I come on to look at the gallery.

    Only storing them on hard drives. Printing is to expensive. I've been thinking about displaying them digitally somehow, but not sure how.
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    Comment by 'tanteva' in media 'I Will Follow Him'

    He's all I'll ever need!
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    June challenge #7 - Collaborations

    I've used the Oscraps Collab kit Joy to make this layout.
  6. I Will Follow Him

    I Will Follow Him

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    Comment by 'tanteva' in media 'Discord'

    Thank you - from both me & Discord. :)
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    Comment by 'tanteva' in media 'Apollo Bay'

    Lovely layout and photo. Great clustering and shadow work.
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    AnnaColor Challenge

    Soft colors like this is, as I said, not my comfort zone. Hence I just had to try :)
  10. Winter Perfection Captured AnnaColor Challenge

    Winter Perfection Captured AnnaColor Challenge

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    Comment by 'tanteva' in media 'Aubade Garden'

    Lovely! Your garden must be amazing.
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    June Challenge #1 - Big Photo

    Here's my layout for this challenge:
  13. Discord


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    Daily Ooos: Friday, June 11

    Well, the heat is here! I'm all foggy in the head. Had a weird dream this night about that a collegue had taken a bunch of noisy kids and locked them in in the dungeons under the library (No there are no dungeons there LOL), and the police came looking. Hubby found them by using the book scanner...
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