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    548 photos on my phone...

    I use a little Canon and upload to my computer for use. Sometimes I use the DSLR (Nikon P1000) I got for DH last year too. And I use photos he takes.
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    548 photos on my phone...

    0 I don't have a phone with a camera, so no worries for me.
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    Going on a Picnic

    I can bring Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
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    May 2022 Challenge #6 - Seasonal

    A sure sign of spring!
  5. Spring


    Perhaps because a rain storm was coming the geese let us get close even with the goslings right there. DH got nice photos of them.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Pittsburgh'

    Phylis, I too miss you here! Could hardly believe my eyes to see your page posted. This sure is still a great LO.
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    May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette

    Wonderful color palette and such an enticing salad.
  8. Enjoy


    Out birding on the 5th there was a cold wind and not many birds. A muddy trail led around bends with different wildflowers, this stand of mayapples especially impressive.
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    May 2022 Challenge #3 52 Inspirations

    More from a warm day in April.
  10. Being There

    Being There

    You just never know what you might see when out looking in the right place. DH got nice pictures of the turkey even though it kept moving.
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    Vicki Robinson Get Creative Challenge Tracking Thread

    Vicki Robinson Designs Get Creative Challenge Links May: https://oscraps.com/community/media/still-beautiful.363321/ June: (insert link) July: (insert link) August: (insert link) September: (insert link) October: (insert link) November: (insert link) December: (insert link)
  12. Still Beautiful

    Still Beautiful

    Even with spring arriving, I'm drawn to old remains and their potential beauty like these milkweed pods in April.
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    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques

    I got a bit carried away with this it was such fun. The paper is from 4 by Vicki Stegall in She's Got Grit Grunge Papers and 2 from APP Festal by Anna Aspnes. (And I use Paint Shop Pro which is a bit of a different animal.)
  14. Pleasures in Nature

    Pleasures in Nature

    This day we had a great time at the nature preserve and the red squirrel was one of the pleasures we found and DH photographed.