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    Make a paper stacking base for your layouts

    What a nice idea and lovely results!
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    June Challenge #2 - Artsy/MixedMedia

    Nice challenge!
  3. Capturing Moments

    Capturing Moments

    Beautiful flower on a woodland tree but usually pretty high to get a good photo, so pleased with this one of a tulip tree bloom.
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    Daily Ooos: Monday, June 14

    Nancy @nancyr I got an order from Mixtiles and love them. But I have my doubts about the longevity of them on the wall. I guess I'll find out.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media '2021Jun13-egret-web.jpg'

    Beautiful and so creative. Love the flight photo and what you did with it. Perfect touches of color.
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    Happy Birthday, Ona!

    Happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a lovely one.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'The Letter'

    Beautifully done! It's a fantastic story and the page does it justice. The cluster with details is a great idea.
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    June Challenge #3 - Heritage

    Nice twist to the challenge.
  9. Looking Back

    Looking Back

    My aunt made a copy of this photo for my family for which I am very grateful. I only learned about Caleb and the Civil War relatively recently so never scrapped about that part before.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'New Camera'

    Thanks Vera. It's a Nikon P1000. Old camera was 14 yrs old, telephoto lens even older, so it was time. Rae and Nancy R both liked it and I learned of it from them.
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    June Challenge #1 - Big Photo

    Love the big photo challenge!
  12. New Camera

    New Camera

    From the daily O's I learned of a camera that sounded perfect for my DH and when I told him I wanted to get one for his birthday he was very pleased. This Wood Thrush was a beautiful subject for his first foray with it.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Jack Waits!'

    Your graphic styles are working so well. This is beautiful
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Live Life'

    What a great watery look! Love that background paper. Nice happy image perfect with the bit of red.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Small Wonder'

    What a beautiful, peaceful look. The colors and use of space are perfect. And great to see you here!