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  1. The Day It Got Warm in Ontario

    The Day It Got Warm in Ontario

    Journaling reads: ''A long-awaited sunny day at the park. The boys enjoyed swinging, climbing, sliding and more. Cooper was actually a little stuck and wanted out but he hung in there for Mommy to take a picture!'' I used the ''Shenanigans'' kit by Little Dragon Designs from NDISB. Font used...
  2. Cooper Exploring

    Cooper Exploring

    I used ''Helen's Dream'', a kit named after my favourite Aussie, by SabDesbois at NDISB. Journaling reads, ''Cooper exploring at Kinsmen Park 2007-05-03'' Font used is Hannibal Lecter.
  3. Exploring


    Here is a picture of Cooper at Grandma and Grandpa's house, exploring his surroundings. I used Gurlonthesun's ''Nature's Palette'' kit, available at NDISB. (A couple items recoloured.) Font used is Cutty Fruty.
  4. 100th Day of School

    100th Day of School

    For the 100th day of school, Carter and I adorned a t-shirt with 100 eyeballs. I used Dawn Inskip's ''Balance is Beautiful'' kit, available at NDISB. Font is DJB Mellykat.
  5. Winter Day

    Winter Day

    Carter and Cooper on a gorgeous winter's day. I used Heather Manning's ''Icy Sparkles'' kit, available at NDISB. Font used is Abadi Condensed Light.
  6. Slugger


    Journaling reads, ''Cooper was just over two years old when he showed off his t-ball talent.'' I used Dawn Inskip's 'Balance is Beautiful' kit, available at NDISB. Cluster frame by Gunhild. Font used is DJB Mellykat.
  7. Road Rage!

    Road Rage!

    Journaling reads, ''Cooper had a blast playing in this little car on Grandma and Grandpas deck. This picture caught him in a slight moment of road rage!'' I used Luiza Garay's ''Cool Boy'' kit, available at NDISB. Journaling paper from Miss Mint's ''Rebel One'' kit. Font used is Grobold.
  8. Yum!


    Here is a picture of Carter enjoying a cool treat at Grandma's house at almost two years old. I used Christy Sturm's ''Brisk'' kit available at NDISB. Font used is DJB Mellykat. Frame from a Christy Sturm grab bag.
  9. Dunk!


    Journaling reads, ''I had a great time trying to catch my nephews in mid-air while jumping off the dock at my parents' house. Here is a good one of Dominic in flight. 2006-07-12'' I used Theresa Hernandez' ''On a Cloudy Day'' kit, available at NDISB. Tattered frame from Christy Sturm's...
  10. Fresh


    Here is a picture of Cooper and me on the day he was born. I used Christy Sturm's new Brisk kit, available at NDISB this week.
  11. Carter at Gordon Lake

    Carter at Gordon Lake

    Here is a picture of Carter from our camping trip to Gordon Lake. I used Christy Sturm's new ''Brisk'' kit available at NDISB this week! Font used is Honey Script.
  12. Wonders


    There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. I used ''Camp Walk'' and ''Fallen Leaves'' by Katie the Scrapbook Lady at NDISB. Stitches by Misty Cato from the Painted Chic kit at NDISB (recoloured). Frame from ''Doctor Doctor'' kit at SSD...
  13. Made in Canada

    Made in Canada

    Here is a picture of Carter happily sporting a ''Made in Canada'' tattoo on Canada Day in 2008. I used Christy Sturm's ''Prepster'' kit, available at NDISB. Font used is Honey Script.
  14. Cooper's 2nd Birthday

    Cooper's 2nd Birthday

    Journaling reads, ''Coopers 2nd birthday was adorable. He was really getting into talking. We kept getting him to say, Its My Birthday! We had all the family over for cake and there were Thomas the Tank decorations and balloons. He was definitely very happy on his birthday...
  15. Cooper's Eyes

    Cooper's Eyes

    Here is a super serious picture of Cooper, which I have many of and very much adore. His big brown eyes have that look of both mystery and mischief. I used the ''African Sunrise'' kit by Gurlonthesun Designs at NDISB and Helena Joles's ''Masks and Mats'' and name tag and crumpled...