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    Comment by 'jodyt' in media 'Challenge #3 Font'

    Now that is different, Love that you have dropped the opacity of everything else but kept it where the title is.
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    Comment by 'jodyt' in media 'June #3-Font Challenge'

    Adorably cute. LOVE your heading / title.
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    June Challenge #3 - Font Challenge

    Thanks ... when I put it up I just had a feeling I had missed something.... I have fixed it now.. I must remember to re read the directions before posting LOL.
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    2022 Birthday Event Tracking

    16th BIRTHDAY PARTY TRACKING: DAY 1 (Sat Jun 11) - Scraplift Challenge {your link} DAY 2 (Sun Jun 12) - Scavenger Hunt Game {your link} DAY 3 (Mon Jun 13) - Number 16 Challenge {your link} DAY 4 (Tue Jun 14) - Oscraps A-Z Game {your link} DAY 5 (Wed Jun 15) - Birthday Recipe Challenge {your...
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    June Challenge #6 - Sketch Template

    Thank you for a great challenge. Here is my offering.
  6. The Tube.jpg

    The Tube.jpg

    Made for 2022 June #6 Sketch Challenge Fonts Amadeust Inline and American Typewriter
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    June Challenge #5 - Heritage

    Thank you for a great challenge, here is my offering. I love this pic of me. and generally I HATE pics of me. This was such a great day, my Dad and I went to the koala sanctuary, it is still open and you can still have your photo taken with a koala.
  8. Lone Pine 1963.jpg

    Lone Pine 1963.jpg

    Made for 2022 June #5 Heritage challenge Font - Amadeust Inline
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    Comment by 'jodyt' in media 'BE Hey Mister'

    WOW Kay thats gorgeous.
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    June Challenge #4 - Multiphotos

    Thank you for a great challenge. Here is my layout.
  11. Arundle Castle.jpg

    Arundle Castle.jpg

    Made for 2022 June #4 multiple photos
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    June Challenge #3 - Font Challenge

    Thank you for a great challenge, I hope I have completed it correctly. Please let me know if I need to change it.
  13. Big fish.jpg

    Big fish.jpg

    Made for 2022 June #3 font challenge
  14. Brady's 10th Brithday 2.jpg

    Brady's 10th Brithday 2.jpg

    Font - Awugh
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    June Challenge #2 - White Space/Clean

    Second try... I used a plain background paper. two elements and a title.