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    Daily Ooos: Friday, June 11

    Good morning everyone. Busy day ahead with work (and off and on thru the wkend too) as I work on the backlog now that (fingers crossed) the work files are coming thru. It glitched yesterday afternoon and we had problems again...ugh. What a week this has been. I need to get as much done by the...
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    Daily Ooos: Thursday, June 10

    Good afternoon, ladies. The wk has been flying by. Have had problems with email (for work) and after hrs on the phone and talking back and forth to work, our software guy and shaw cable company we finally got things working again. I missed a lot of work for 4 days so will be busy now for a few...
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    Not new, just back after a hiatus

    Hi Olivia, nice to see you over here too.
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    Daily Ooos; Monday, June 7

    Good afternoon everyone. I've been busy working and editing some photos, along with all the dog stuff. I also finished off my book "Sinister" by Lisa Jackson which I enjoyed. I'm heading to the dog park after work today. I found a dog park a little further away but I really love it and more...
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    Daily Ooos: Tuesday, June 1

    Good morning ladies. I've got errands, work and the dog park later. Last night I took the dogs for a 2 hr walk along a trail. It was warm, peaceful and so quiet. We only ran into 2 groups of people out walking. Remi loved running around, trailing her 15 foot leash. The sloped grass on the side...
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    Daily Ooos: Monday, May 31

    Good morning ladies. The wkend flew by. We took the dogs to the dog park for an hour yesterday and then over to the big soccer field behind the school across from us. Bella and Remi had 15' leashes trailing so we could step on the leash and redirect them when needed but we didn't need to. The...
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    Flavored Popcorn

    My page for the May Vicki Stegall challenge. Forever This Bundle by Vicki Stegall Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Forever-This-Bundle-by-Vicki-Stegall.html
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    Daily Ooos: May 29-30: Weekend Edition

    Good morning everyone. Yesterday was crazy. Both work and personal computers shut down in the morning and would not boot up again. Power was on in the house so I unplugged everything from the big power backup surge unit and then tested something in all the outlets and they were all working. So I...
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    MRI scan results and Specialist

    I’m so sorry to hear this Mary. Prayers and hugs are sent and hope you get in soon for surgery with good results.
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    Daily Ooos: Friday, May 21

    Good morning ladies. I've got an easy work day today and then 3 days off...yay! Lots to do though so I'm sure the wkend will fly by. D is home today so I'm going to get him to load up my car with some stuff to donate. I'll go drop it off at lunchtime. Need to pop into the pet store for more dog...
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    Daily Ooos: Thursday, May 20

    Good morning, ladies. Play date this afternoon with the dogs (Bella is coming over). Remi plowed into me when we were playing a few days ago and put my tooth thru my lip which I iced for 2 hrs and then went to bed. Luckily, each day since it has been healing and I think within a few days I will...
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    Daily Ooos: May 15-16: Weekend Edition

    Good morning, ladies. Sitting here with the heating pad on my lower back. I pushed myself a bit too much yesterday with organizing and sorting thru the basement but nothing serious, just aggravated the arthritis a bit more than usual. I was going to take the dogs to the beach this morning but...
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    Daily Ooos: Friday, May 14

    Good morning (almost afternoon) ladies. I finished up my work for the day so now can play and train with the dogs, go out for a long walk later and get some chores done. I love when I have a quiet Friday with work. I'm hoping that when covid is over that my boss will take a nice long trip which...
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    Daily Ooos: Thursday, May 13

    Good morning ladies. I can't believe it's Thursday, I thought it was Wed and D was laughing at me this morning about my wonky memory LOL. That was a good start to the day though, knowing I'm one day closer to the wkend than I thought LOL. I need to get some things together for a dump run that D...