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    Vicki Robinson Designs August 2021 Challenge - through August 20

    What a fun prompt, we probably all know one :) I love your example, so cool. Here is mine
  2. One Of A Kind

    One Of A Kind

    I love the prompt, so fun
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'One of a Kind'

    Gorgeous page, Vicki. I agree on the script in her hair, great idea!!
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'Mortal Sin'

    I love the white space, such a creative page!
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'friendship-garden-vicki-rob.jpg'

    Super sweet page! I love the cluster
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'summer day'

    This is adorable, I love it!!
  7. Friends


    Such a versatile kit, so many ways to use it :)
  8. Besties


    My DD with her coworkers. I call them the Three Musketeers. They always hang out and go places together, great team
  9. Birthday Girl

    Birthday Girl

    Vicki has a really cute new collection coming out this weekend, so many different things :)
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'Summer Breeze'

    so cute!!
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    this is wonderful, I love everything about it
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    I love this, Jana. The gesso is awesome here
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    Comment by 'anke55' in media 'Sea-Sun-Sand'

    super cute, Jana
  14. 2021-7-25-Nature.jpg


    I was in the mood to play with a bunch of awesome goodies that Vicki created, especially the gesso and the crinkled tissue. So much fun to add just a hint of color to them
  15. 2021-7-21-SeizeTheDay.jpg


    having some fun with cool goodies :)