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    Gallery Guidelines as of Feb 1, 2021

    Read and understood. :cool: Thank you.
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    Hello from southern USA

    Hello from southern USA. A friend said I should come try out the challenges here, so, here I am!! :drum:
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    July 2020 Challenge #2 Artist Inspiration

    Thank you for the challenge. I did not find just one piece as an inspiration, but rather the commonality of motifs the artist used: scrollwork, framework, florals and femininity.
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    July 2020 Challenges Tracking Thread

    July 2020 Challenges CHALLENGE 1 - Themes & Occasions CHALLENGE 2 - Artist Inspiration
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    Comment by 'Ama' in media 'July 2020 Challenge #1 - Themes & Occassions'

    What fun!!! I love watercolor painting- this looks like it is that. Good for you!
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    Comment by 'Ama' in media 'Challenge: The Flowers Carnation'

    This is so beautiful; the contrasting color palette and softness.
  7. Being.


    Credits: Sedaka Renew BDate: TDF March18 MLDesign; Birthday Treats The Urban Fairy: Angels/demons