Winner, Winner

Winner, Winner

My grandson and I have been exchanging jokes since he was 3. This is the latest exchange between us. He's at the age now where he doesn't like his photo taken, thus one when he was much younger.

Anna Aspnes
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A solid paper from AP MiniPalette Vivify was used as the foundation of the page. The photo was clipped to a fotoblendz mask, duplicated with the blending mode changed to color burn. The text message was extracted and recolored.Artsy Transfers Vivify_1 and 2 were added. Some of the layers were moved or turned off. The orange and turquoise color layers from AT Vivify_3 and 4, along with splatters were added. The page was completed by adding word art and dimensional embellishments.
Love this! It's so dang cute. Your adorable grandson does have a lot of knowledge stuff up in his brain!
Love it! The humor, the style, the colors. Still a great photo. At some point, will he hate your using old photos more than getting his photo taken? Has been known to happen.
Thank goodness for texts! They are lifelines between me and my kids and their spouses. This layout is fabulous...and I like how you were able to color the text bubbles. I have to try that!
lough out loud.
what a wonderful dialogue between your grand son an you.
love the colours and use of artsy transfers.
That is one cute kid...and one with "a lot of this knowledge stuff up in my brain"...priceless memory keeping, Miki! Superb in every way!

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