Tilly & Tequila - Ordinary Moments

Tilly & Tequila - Ordinary Moments

Tilly (rear), almost 9, and Tequila, 18 months, visiting for the weekend. Tilly isn't too sure about Tequila being in her house and still growls (while wagging her tail) if Tequila gets too close to me. But outside they run and play normally.
Credits list
ArtPlay Plage Collection on sale now
FotoBlendz Overlay (included in ArtPlay Plage Collection)
Cynefin APP
Archive APP
Coolth APP
Everyday WA Mix No. 1
Splatter Brush

Start with Plage Artsy Paper 5 on a new document, add FotoBlendz Overlay 19-5 psd with layers, group and clip photo to group. Duplicate fotoblendz layers and move to get more coverage over photo. Place Cynefin elements: fall flowers, yellow berries (adj. hue), paper ribbon, green silk leaf. Place Archive lace, Coolth blue button and watercolor flower. Add Everyday WA Ordinary Moments. Add Plage brushes in individual layers on top of AP5 using the mixer brush. Finish with Splatter brush 15-14 and add a composite layer on top (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+E) with blend mode Soft Light on 50% opacity.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
They both have expressive faces. Nice that they can be friends outside. Love how the oranges and yellows of the elements so beautifully match their coats.

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