The Salamanca Spain university

The Salamanca Spain university

The university of Salamanca is fifth the oldest in Europe (after Bologna, Paris, Oxford and Cambridge), and fourth the oldest which lives(remains), because the University of Paris is divided into 1971 in thirteen independent universities. She(it) was based(established) by Alphonse IX de Len in 1218. It is on the other hand the first one(night) which obtained in Europe the title of university.
The step of its front door is known for its relief finely sculptured motives among which is hidden a frog put on a human skull. Certain pupils even bet to pass their examinations having found it
fantastic photos and composition. love all the architectural details.
I love architecture and you have given me such a wonderful gift with your photos. I revere the beauty, talent and craftsmanship that was created so many centuries ago. Again, your photos are so very beautiful.

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