Swamp Soup

Swamp Soup

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Swamp Soup
Almost every Friday I cook Swamp Soup. It's a perfect way to use up veggie leftovers. You just put all the leftover veggies into a blender and mix it smooth with a little bit of water. Then pour it into a pan, add a stock cube, spices and enough water to make a perfect consistency. Perfect dinner with a little bit of toppings and a nice bread. Then you still have room in the tummy for some late night snacks in front of the TV on Friday night. That it got the name Swamp Soup was John's idea. Not always do the soup's color isn't as deliciously red as on the photo, it depends on what veggies you have at home. Once when the color was less tempting, John came down to the kitchen, looked at our bowls, and said "Why don't you both eat swamp, and I'll have some proper food!"
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I think your swamp soup looks yummy it's all about the taste in the end and how satisfying it is and yours look very satisfying thanks for sharing the recipe.x

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