Sometimes I wish...
Sometimes I wish I was a girl again, half wild and free. Back in time, when my worries consisted of getting dirty, climbing trees and discovering the world with uninhibited eyes.

I miss the uninhibited spontaneity of my childhood, the joy I felt in discovering something new. Every day was an adventure, an opportunity to learn and grow. I long for the days when I watched the sun rise and ran outside to play, without any obligations or deadlines.

Now I feel the burden of the responsibilities I have as an adult. I get caught up in the daily grind and sometimes lose sight of the beauty of life. I would like to go back to the time when the world was new and exciting, when everything seemed possible.
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  1. Lynn Grieveson
What a creative border! I love that the face is peaking out from within the border and the white outline birds are an additional surprise. A lovely addition to the challenge.

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