Project 2021 Template Album 7, Mini Palette Amity

Project 2021 Template Album 7, Mini Palette Amity

The plane ride home from Minneapolis.
“Stop touching him’” you said as he was trying to sleep on the plane. But I cannot. Just in case the connection from my heart isn’t clear or isn’t enough, I must touch, hold, snuggle. And wearing Mom’s ring, I feel like a fourth hand has joined in the connection around this little boy, looking like a little angel asleep on the plane.
November 12, 2021
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Project template Album 7
MultiMedia Magic Sparklez 2
Straight Line Stitched White 3
ArtPlay Palette Yuletide
This is Page 3 from Project 2021 Template Album 7, with the FotoBlendz on the left and the frames on the right (a really nice way to adapt these templates to 8x10).
Because the photo was cut off and there was no way to blend it without cutting off Oz's face, I used Stitching to edge the FotoBlendz.
Papers from MiniPalette Amity are placed in 3 frames on the right, with a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer.
Lots of starry embellishments added.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Reactions: isDK and bcazzell
Sweet photos and I love the soft blues. Like your part about connection too.
Sweet photo of little sleeping Oz. Nice that he was able to sleep on plane. Love all the soft blue with the one pop of red.

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