Pretty Flowers_Amaranthine_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Pretty Flowers_Amaranthine_Joan Robillard 600.jpg

Inspiration – well definitely took inspiration from the deconstructions Anna did in the session on Monday and other sessions.

Paper – Placed Solid Paper 2 above the background layer. After the focal photo was set I went back and played with the color using Ctrl U

Transfer & Focal photo – Placed Artsy Transfer 3 onto the page and grouped. I tried using it as a mask and attaching my photo to it but I lost the flower. So then I attached a copy of the photo to each layer of the transfer using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I still thought there wasn’t enough definition of the flower so I placed a copy of the flower underneath and set it to Blend Mode Pin Light. I added a mask to the photo and masked out some of the dark areas and the straight edges. Duplicated the photo and set it to Blend Mode Color. Now I played turning off the clipped photo of each layer to decide if I wanted to have a copy of the photo clipped or not and played with some blend modes. This is a personal preference that you have to play around with to get a look you like.

Frames – added Postage Frames 1.5 to the page in the upper left corner.

Photos – I attached three tulip photos to the mask layers of the postage frames using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. In order to get the whole flower on one part of the mask shown. I clipped Transfer 4 to cover the exposed mask. Then I added UrbanStitchez 12.1 along the straight edge to conceal it.

Element Cluster – Started with the ribbon, added the heart, then the spring buds, and then UrbanStitchez 12.3. The last thing added was the word strip “eternally beautiful.” I used Ctrl U to adjust the color of the ribbon and added a drop shadow to the word strip. I placed word transfer Beautiful underneath the cluster with Blend Mode Hard Light.

Transfer - placed ArtistOverlay on top of the focal photo along with DotOverlay.

Brush – Used brush 7 over the Artsy transfer to soften the lines of the transfer to the paper.
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This is just gorgeous! I love the frames placed inside the blooming flower and the use of the lace is so pretty!

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Pretty Flowers_Amaranthine_Joan Robillard 600.jpg
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