Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts

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Scenic Layered Template Album No. 3
ArtPlay Palette Love Letters

Process: I opened one of the templates from Scenic Layered Template Album No. 3. I added the photo (from Pixabay) and clipped it to the fotoblendz. I added a mask to the blendz and I made some changes to the mask to make it fit the photo better. I duplicated the stain placed in the top of the template twice and moved these two to the bottom of the photoblendz and changed their blending modes to Linear Burn and Color Burn. Two goldpaints and an overlay from ArtPlay Palette Love Letters were placed above. At the bottom on the right side of the photo, I placed another overlay that I duplicated twice and then I used their masks for some changes with brushes. I moved the photo frame to the left side, rotated it and clipped a solid paper from ArtPlay Palette Love Letters to it. Then I placed a transfer from the APP above and duplicated it and added adjustment layers for Levels and Brightness/Contrast. I placed splatters and the heart from ArtPlay Palette Love Letters and finished the layout wird the text.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
So true and a wonderful page. I love the contrast of the photo and the rendered art.

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