Memories of my Grandfather include among many others the smell of his pipe tobacco and the beautiful scent of the glorious roses he grew. I've included the Rabbie Burns poem Red, Red Rose because he loved Burns plus his birthday was in June!

With this one I spent most of the time trying to get the composition right, I wanted a flow across the page like a flower border so spent time moving artsy transfers around, rotating flipping, sometimes deleting and starting again. I've used three of the MM Roses bundles and a selection of Rougir transfers, duplicating and changing size as well as the twig element which I've also used twice. Photograph is duplicated, one layer color burn and top layer hard light 58%.
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Love the diagonal trail of roses across the page. I can almost smell the roses!
Oh wow, the trail of roses is amazing! I love that detail. I love how you have blended in the photo and your journaling is great too.
Congrats on the GSO, Fiona.
Beautiful use of the roses. You have a wonderful feel for where to place your images to give them the most impact.
Just wow! You clearly have been so intentional about how everything is placed on this page. The trail of roses is stunning!
stunning - love the diagonal flow, wonderful blending and the gorgeous cluster that was placed perfectly ♥Congrats on GSO!
congrats on the gso.
wow. what a great page and tribute to your grandfather.
the rose border is just great and beautiful. i like that one eye is covered with a rose. it draws the eye to the blended photo. brilliant.
All your work on the composition really paid off! I love the diagonal flow and the placement of your photo is perfect. Congrats on your GSO!
Congrats on your wonderful page--so very artistic --the faded photo is so in keeping with your vintage look

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