pages 252-253 Dad's Military Album Vol. III

pages 252-253 Dad's Military Album Vol. III

Night School
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In 1959 Dad began a long journey to obtain his bachelor’s degree. It began in Alaska, would continue to Maryland and to Turkey where he would complete his degree in 1967.

Most military installations have educational centers. These centers are part of the Air Force Education Service Office. They offer college degrees from various universities. Both undergraduate and graduate courses were offered. Usually, there are 3 to 4 universities represented at each installation and not necessarily the same from one base to another.

Dad began his college education at the University of Alaska, through the Elmendorf AFB educational center. He attended from 1959 through the summer of 1961. He attended 5 semesters taking 7 classes. Classes were typically offered Monday & Wednesday evenings and Tuesday & Thursday evenings. These classes would typically be 1.5 hours. Additionally, classes were offered on Saturday they were 3 hours. Unlike a civilian university, the courses were geared toward the needs of active-duty military personnel, deployments and TDY’s were part of how things were.

Dad didn’t know it at the time but twenty-three years after Dad completed his degree, I would follow in his footsteps finishing my Bachelor of Science through Kirtland Air Force Base’s education center.

The University of Alaska did not have extension courses in Maryland, so Dad enrolled in the University of Maryland shortly after our arrival there beginning courses in February 1962. His first-class at the University of Maryland was Principles of Economics. It would be the following year when his classes from the University of Alaska were transferred to the University of Maryland.

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Beautiful design! Always incredible documentation! I can see you and your family have a deep respect and love for each other.

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