Our Crocheted Dresses

Our Crocheted Dresses

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My Story collection by Karen Schulz Design
Perfect for telling the story of your life and family
Used the PSE cookie cutter for the shapes under the photos.

Mother had a friend who loved to crochet so she had the friend make my sister and I matching crocheted dresses when we were 2 and 3. The dresses were made with a beautiful blue-green cotton thread with cotton slips a shade lighter. There was a shiny ribbon at the waist and the neckline that was in a much lighter shade. Mother made us ribbon flowers from the same ribbons to wear in our hair. We loved wearing our dresses to Sunday School.

The reason I remember the colors of the dresses, slips and ribbons was Mother had saved those dresses. She sent them to me when my 2 daughters were about the same size. I loved seeing my girls wearing the dresses my sister and I had worn as young children.
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  1. Karen Schulz Designs
Such a wonderful story about the delicate and lovely dresses! They were popular at one time, for little girls. I'm sure you both looked like angels in them. Beautiful layout!
Fabulous page Kay!! I bet those dresses were beautiful! I bet you wish the photos were in colour?? Love your journaling, another great story of little you!!

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