Inspired by the announcement that Apple is no longer offering the iPod for sale. I got thinking about all the things that have become obsolete over the years due the the advancement of technology. Sadly, I still have many of these items stored in the basement. Maybe they're not obsolete, they might be considered antiques now.
Credits list
Artplay Palette Carpe Diem (papers)
Artplay Palette Portiere (slide)
Artplay Palette Twilight Zone (TV)
Artplay Palette Verdure (button)
Artplay Palette Kristtorn (button)
Artplay Palette Romance (rose)
Artplay Palette Reverie (denim flower)
Artplay Palette Retro Holiday (brush)
MultiMedia Clocks 1
MultiMedia Documents 3 (staples)
Embers WordART Mix 1
Urban Threadz 11
Splatters 15
Artsy Stains 10
Paper Textures 6

A solid paper from APP Carpe Diem was used as the foundation of the page. Artsy paper 3 was layered above the solid paper. A layer mask was added and using the gradient tool the bottom part of the paper was hidden (this covered some of the unwanted design and textures).The image of the three men was extracted, duplicated with a halftone pattern filter added (blending mode: hardlight). A custom shadow was added. The image of the man sitting down was extracted, duplicated with a halftone pattern added. A custom shadow was added also. The lapels of the suits were extracted, duplicated with snippets of paper clipped to them. The frame slide from APP Portiere was added with pictures clipped to the frame masks. The page was completed by adding dimensional embellishments, word art, paper textures, stains and splatters.

Thank you for looking!
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  1. Anna Aspnes
WOW!...This is SUPER! COOL!..This gave me a chuckle!!!...I am still using my MP4 player...from 12 years ago to listen to my music on the go!!!!...It still works perfectly!!! & sounds great!!!....I can upload almost 1200 songs to it!!!... o_O... And my husband still uses my yellow waterproof Sony Walkman from the 80's to listen to music & listen to the radio!!!!!!!!... o_O:cool::p...Congrats! on the feature!!!... #clap...I was gonna give it a Standing O! too!!!!!!!!... #kiss...
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I was also stunned and sad to hear about the demise of the ipod. Love this layout, such creativity and imagination!
A wonderful fun page that brings a smile. I love the suits with the wide lapels.

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