Never Forget

Never Forget

AnnaRelease 10 July 2020 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/AnnaRelease-10-July-2020.html
FramedMasks No. 3 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/FramedMasks-No.-3.html
Inspiration The red, white and blue color scheme put me in mind of my pictures from the Veterans' Cemetery.
Start with a new document
Masks-I used Thin Strip Mask 4 and Framed Mask 3.2
Photos I attached a picture of a flag taken at the cemetery to the thin mask using Layer>Create Clipping Mask. I wanted only the American flag to show. Then I attached a picture of the cemetery stones with the flags taken around Memorial Day last year to the mask layer of the framed mask. I colored the other none frame layers by using Edit>Fill. I matched the colors to the photo.
Paper-I played with three papers but finally decided on Artsy Paper 4
Elements I decided MultiaMedia 1.5 over the red area of the paper. I clicked on the thumbnail of the key and on the menu that came up clicked on Select Pixels. Then I used a brush and white to paint over the redhead of the key. I added the blue string to the right upper corner of the frame.
Brush-I placed a brush that matched the one on the paper just below the white frame but over on the layers of the mask.
Title I used the wordart for the title.+++
beautifully composed; love the framing and the colors. I'm always impressed when I see all the flags in a military cemetery - there was one I used to visit in San Francisco.
This evokes so many feelings, memories and thoughts. Absolutely love it. Reading through your process notes, I can see how artfully and carefully your decisions were to create a meaningful design. So beautiful.
Beautiful tribute. Love how you tied the little piece of string around the frame and balanced the photo with the key cluster.

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