Need A Name
I made this for the NSD Template Challange.
This is my for my Dear Friend

Hi I am a rescue Horse and I needed a new name. My new Mommy just kind find a name I like. Please Help Her. Any & All Suggestions are welcome.
I am very quiet, careful, tall handsome surfer dude type.

Template= TaylorMade Designs are sold exclusively at www.oscrpas.com
Crumpled Old Cardstock & Spring Word Art = Copyright 2008 by Debra Tope
Ribbon=Jennifer Layden (c)2007 Jennilyn Designs: jen@jennilyndesigns.com
Butterfly= VStegall-rockon-Butterfly From www.oscraps.com
I love this!!! Beautiful photos, I hope you find him a name soon!!
Thanks for playing!
I hope we find one to. Can't really start the training without one. A name that suit the horse forms a great bond!
Love that crumpled paper!!!
Why not name your new rescue horse... spring
as in "new beginnings!?"
This is beautiful. I love Sue's idea of Spring! Or what about Faith? Because it will surely take Faith on both sides to build trust! Good luck with the name and let us all know what you come up with!
We tried KC (Kahlua Cream) tonight but he was to crabby to tell if he liked it or not.
Thanks for the Luv.

Today he liked KC & it is has many positive thoughts: Casey Jones ( he lives by the train tracks) Casey Casin ( for ever young & great taste in music) Casey & the sunshine Band ( more good music) Casey At the bat ( he will keep trying and do it right big time)

He being a surfer dude type makes him fit in here at the Inn. Plus his new mom's name is Gidget
oh he is a beauty!!
The surfer dude made me think of Keanu (reeves- in darn it-- what was the movie.... with Patrick Swayze, I think- oh Point Blank- Point Break!!)
My goodness, my poor brain!
Anyway- love the lo- and love the horse!
Good luck!

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