Month Review Template Album 6 - 2022 Intro

Month Review Template Album 6 - 2022 Intro

Sometimes I don't do my cover and intro until it's time to print; this year I at least have my intro done.
no goals, no resolutions, no "one little word", just be, be still, be aware, seek sanctuary

I've used the Cover Frames and Word Art from Month Review Template 6 to create a little cluster, along with MM Clocks. A white color fill at 80% is used to lighten the wood number.
Credits list
Month Review Template Album 6
MultiMedia Clocks
Remember WordArt Mix 3
Scenic Template 5 (birds)
Five copies of a photo I took at our local reservoir, where the clouds were forming a soaring bird (or that's what I see).
First copy uses a Photocopy Smart Filter
Second copy is in Normal mode to add back color in the sky only
Third copy adds color back into the trees in Pin Light Mode, but with a Levels adjustment to make it all lighter.
Fourth copy adds a little more sky color.
Fifth copy uses a Bas Relief filter to add more texture to the clouds.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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Stunning! The graphics, the poem & your words. This page really speaks to me today. Thank you!
Great way to start! I love that sky and the stacked numbers. And the blessing. May the nourishment of the earth be yours. Love it.
Gorgeous blue sky and poem. I too, like the stacked numbers. Off to a fantastic start!
I’m impressed, I almost always do the cover of albums last, I wonder why that is? Congratulations on a great start to your album, lovely colours, the blue is calming and I especially love ‘Be still, be aware…’

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