Little Beard's Creek

Little Beard's Creek

This the creek that runs through the back of our property. Usually this time of year it's roaring, but because the lack of rain, it just rambles on.
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Scenic Template Album 3 (page 4) NEW April 9, 2021

On Sale from April 7 -13
AnnaRelease 26 April 2019
Artplay Palette Narcissus (paper, transfers, twig, ribbon, greenery, flower recolored)
Artsy Transfers Narcissus
Nostalgia WordART Mix 1

MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez 1

Page 4 of the new Scenic Template Album was opened up. Artsy paper 1 from APP Narcissus was used as the foundation of the page. Solid paper 1 from the kit was layered above the artsy paper. A gradient layer mask was added, blending the two papers together. The photo was clipped to the large fotoblendz mask of the template, duplicated with the blending mode changed to screen (reduced opacity), duplicated again with the blending mode changed to soft light (reduced opacity). Transfers from the kit were layered over the photo with the blending mode changed to hard light for more intensity. The photo of the flowers was clipped to frame mask 1. A snippet of Artsy paper 3 was clipped to frame mask 2. Transfer layers from AT Narcissus were added around the large image. The page was completed by adding word art and dimensional embellishments.

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  1. Anna Aspnes
Un joli petit coin de paradis . Une tres jolie mise en page.j aime les fleurs jaunes qui donnent de la luminosite
Love that beautiful picture, love the blended lace, just love the whole design !

Congrats i give you a GSO
That looks like a lovely, peaceful place to walk. Beautifully masked and the added inserts gives a close up of what little treasures can be found.
beautiful blended photo, love the embellishments, and especially love the words :)
How wonderful to have this delightful spot on your property to enjoy through all the seasons whether is is roaring or flowing peacefully.
Très bel endroit pour se promener et très belle photo. J'aime de design, la dentelle, la fleur jaune sur le côté et la petite photo.
Gorgeous page love the photo the masking the doily at the top the twig the flower and the info about the little creek at the back of your home.x

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