Land Of The Golden Apples
Heather Prins

Land Of The Golden Apples

At the Silver Skate Festival, there were a bunch of improv actors in
the forest acting out the theme of the festival-a folk tale called
Land Of The Golden Apples. It was a story of land bound with an icy
curse and a princess who was locked away in a tower by her father. She escapes to find her prince who is searching for her. They find each other and when her father sees them together
he is reminded of her mother (who died during childbirth) and begins to cry. As the ice surrounding his broken heart melts away a golden apple tree begins to grow right where the Kings tears have fallen. The king proclaims that everyone in the kingdom write down any thoughts that make them sad or any fear or regret that chases love from their hearts and burn them. The curse is then lifted never to return. Chloe was absolutely enamored with the actress playing the princess. She loved her cape and how it lit up as soon as dusk came. She followed her all over the forest, deeply enthralled in the play. These actors were absolutely fabulous! They repeated the performance a few times not missing a beat with their improv skills when asked questions from kids or adults! We stayed at the festival for 5 hours, 2 of them at least were spent right here in the magical Kingdom of The Golden Apples!!

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Process | I opened the template and clipped 3 photos to the framed masks. I placed a new FrameMask No. 2 then clipped my photo to the mask. I duplicated the photo and changed the blending mode to hard light and reduced the opacity of the copy slightly. Next i selected various colors from my photo and recolored the stain layers of the template. I added the brush textures to the background layer. I placed a few elements and word art to complete the layout.
what a grand adventure and festival. love how you've included us in the fun. fabulous design.
How cool is THAT? An excellent documentation of this fun experience. You used those architextures well, to set the mood. Bravo!
Great page and wonderful story. Love how Chloe's jacket stands out.
Sounds captivating and fun for the whole family... looks like a great cold weather activity!!
what a wonderful story! i also would have been captivating! the glowing cape must have been beautiful. wonderful page, Heather.

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