Just Believe_APP Yuletide_NAdams_600.jpg

Just Believe_APP Yuletide_NAdams_600.jpg

APP Yuletide Collection
APP Yuletide
Yuletide FotoBlendz No. 1-3
MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez No. 2_1
Holiday WordArt Mix No. 15

APP Tinge FotoGlow
Bountiful WordArt Bonus Mix No. 1
FotoGlows Mix No. 2
Magic Sprinklez No. 1_3

APP Yuletide Artsy Paper 4 creates the foundation. Multiple copies of the photo are clipped to the Yuletide FotoBlendz. The color of the photo was converted to black and white. The color is returned to the image by clipping a copy of the photo to FotoGlows Mix No. 2. The Blending Mode is adjusted to SoftLight. APP Yuletide elements were combined to the MultiMedia Magic Sprinklez to create the cluster. The Title was created and brushes were added.

Thank you!
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
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Reactions: isDK
A wonderful portrait of her and I love your blending and addition of the yuletide elements.
Oh wonderful portrait of captured imagination! How I used to love playdoh! There was that scent and the perfect smoothness when you opened a fresh can. I'm glad to see children still play with it! Love the way you scattered magic around the photo!
Wonderful portrait. You can sense her enthusiasm for the things she will create. Love how the darker boarder finishes the page.

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Just Believe_APP Yuletide_NAdams_600.jpg
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