Jakes Chairs

Jakes Chairs

As soon as the stone mason had finished the patio and walkways for our new/old (1876) farmhouse, my SIL started watching videos on YouTube and out popped two Adirondack-style chairs. What a guy!

Using the Narcissus Classic Collection, including special Bonus Pack, on sale now, limited time only https://www.oscraps.com/shop/AnnaRelease-26-April-2019.html
The challenge to this design was getting the tonality of the framed photo (darker) to work with the washed out large photo, which I had blended into an artsy paper with overlay blend mode. I tried all my usual tricks and nothing worked until my last attempt—pulling in an artsy paper on top of the layer stack, blending it with a mode, then selectively removing areas that were too dark. Doing this yielded some nice bonus texture too.

To unify things, I duplicated the overhanging branch on screen blending mode, then moved it to the side so I'd have a bit of a branch cascade in light and dark.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
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This feels so warm and wholesome, I love the orange tones!, and an impressive story! We have a building contractor in our extended family and I'm always in awe of the stuff he does. Love the small photo!
A very talented son-in-law! Loving the warm colors and handsome guy with the guitar! Beautiful!
Your blending is so beautifully done - I love how the artistry is showing through the photo.
Cool combination of photos in the blending and why am I not surprised to see he's also talented as a musician. Of course.
Wow! I love the blending and the placement of the twigs! That rock walk would be perfect for my entryway!
Congrats on your GSO! I love the color and the texture...thanks for telling us how you achieved that!

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