It's a Nine!

It's a Nine!

The question here is: Did my Aunt panic that her love was nine years younger than her so settled for a little white lie on their wedding day that she was only three years older than him. Obviously the powers that be couldn't have been very vigilant in 1941 with paperwork Lol!

The other question is: Will I ever again make another page which doesn't use something from Anna's Homemade collection?

Foundation is an Artsy paper from ArtPlay Homemade and then I layered on top little bits and pieces copied from Artsy Transfers and Artsy Kardz Homemade underpinned by some pale blue stains. I scanned dates from her birth and marriage certs, erased the lines and changed to darken mode to get rid of the background. - I wish I had some magic to share but dragging and dropping and flipping is as exciting as it gets here, Anna does all the hard work for us... Photo is masked, duplicated twice and changed to hardlight; all layers on 80%
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Hats off to Aunt Joan and also to you, because you certainly have a golden touch with this palette. Beautifully done, love the lace.
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