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In Other Words...

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ok... poor hubby... since my computer is out of commission, i have completely taken over his. hehehe. he loves me. :) anyway... more pictures from new year's eve. i have a VERY strict motto that i stick to when scrapping... i'm totally opposed to scrapping anything that will one day totally embarass him... but i don't think this is too bad. it was so cute... i just couldn't resist. :)

JOURNALING: Like most parents, a laugh at their childs expense is not a rare occurance around here. As you grow and
your vocabulary matures, it is so refreshing sometimes to realize that you still really need me to some
degree. Ya know, to explain things and to make them make sense. There are a couple of words that you
have always had your own way of pronouncing... such as eraser, you have always said re-acer, and
suitcase, you have always said soup-case. And I have always let them slide, I guess secretly holding on
to your childhood. But the other day when I said that you couldnt watch a certain movie because it was
rated PG-13, and you asked me if it had nude-a-lence in it... I almost lost my composure. You had
apparently been listening when I had in the past explained why a movie has such a rating, but you either
got confused, or simply decided to combine the words nudity and violence. Sigh... for the record... I
made sure you knew that they were 2 separate words, but oh my gosh, did you ever bring such a smile
to my heart. Im glad youve been listening, bud. And Im so relieved that you still need me.

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