Granddaughter that bread is for the ducks

Granddaughter that bread is for the ducks

A memory from Facebook got me to chuckle this morning. My granddaughter (who is now a teenager) was eating the ducks bread. Her mother said, “um....Riley....that bread was for the ducks....LOL!”

Construction: I started with the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Artsy Paper #5. I placed
Ephemeral FotoBlendz No. 1 #3 and clipped my main photo to the fotoblendz layer and then clipped it to several of the outer texture layers.
I placed the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral Frames, moving them slightly and rotating one to vertical. I then clipped 3 other photos to those photo masks.
I then added the ArtsyTransfers Ephemeral #5 over the paper and under my main photo in the lower left area of the page. I added brushes of a bird and flowers from the Ephemeral BrushSet Bundle.
I added ArtPlay Palette Hinge Lace to the top of my main photo. And created a cluster using the ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral White Paper Butterfly, the ArtPlay Palette Hinge Tan Button, ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral LW “In The Moment”, ArtPlay Palette Sonoma LW “Most Memorable” and UrbanThreadz No. 27 #10.
I added Autumn WordART Mix #5 Word Art “YearsLastSmile” and removed the text, leaving only “Smile”. I also placed a custom postage stamp from Travel Template Album No. 6 #11. The font for the text is American Typewriter.
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Supplies used in this layout:
ArtPlay Palette Ephemeral
ArtsyTransfers Ephemeral
Ephemeral FotoBlendz No. 1
ArtPlay Palette Hinge
ArtPlay Palette Sonoma
Birds No 1
Flowers No 1
UrbanThreadz No. 27
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
What a great memory to capture as a layout. One of my favorite things about Facebook is the memories that it brings back and you did a great job of memorializing this one! Love your blending and love that you did those little insets! Splendid!
Terrific use of the slide frames.
This is a wonderful memory to create a page for. Always loved going with the kids to feed the ducts. It was peaceful and let everyone slow down for a few minutes.
I agree! This is shy we scrapbook! Your button and bow with the bit of lace make it look like she's got a pretty cap on. Wonderful photo progression!
Yes the lace and cluster on her head look a very pretty hat. Simple journaling to support the photo gets the point across quickly.

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