FotoInspired 2S Oz is 3-months old

FotoInspired 2S Oz is 3-months old

Babies these days are raised by apps (yes, apps, not apes :) ) It's a lot of pressure on parents. Grandma's job is just to love and support :) When he first wore that sweater I made him, we had to cuff the sleeves, now his chubby arms are sticking out.
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Did you catch Anna's Twitch broadcast on Saturday May 1? She created a FotoInspired page live. My process is the same - select photos, find a FotoInspired page with mostly the right number and orientation of frames (I resize and remove some), clip photos, balance colors across the pages, then embellish.
Note the use of Bevel and Emboss on some of the masks to pop them and show the texture.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Beautiful pages. I love the yellow and that muted background color.
Modern technology helping to raise babies, amazing! Love the chubby arms and sweet photos!
Wonderful photos! Happy 3 months :)
What kind of apps?
We use a 'baby tracking' app, keeps track of feeding, naps, sleeping, diaper changes, shows trends, actuals versus plans, changes over time, etc. Then there are 'playing/learning' apps - daily activities to do with baby for physical and cognitive learning, then there is an app attached to his crib monitor, keeps track of sleep and alerts parents to sound and motion, and Dropbox where we keep his photos. Kids these days ... :)
que le bonheur dans cette page avec ce petit froncement de sourcils! J’aime les couleurs douces en particulier le poussin jaune
It just shows how quick babies grow one minute they are in clothes to big the next they are to big for the clothes wonderful photos again of baby Oz.x
Perfect documentation for these early days. He'll have a baby to treasure his entire life.

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