First Year Open

First Year Open

2021 was quite a year! But there was so much to celebrate! This FotoInispired page documents some important achievements in my daughter's new venture, Harana Market, opened in the midst of the pandemic.

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Great page layout and journaling. Love them smiling, and the one of them on the back of the truck. Also the basil on the left and the orange yarn on the right. Congratulations for a lot of stick-a-tuity.
An amazing story, nicely documented - I like the journaling front and center! Love the balance of the orange sauce and the yarn! and the leaves on the side!
Wow! Perfect documentation of their successes! Loving the warmth so aptly displayed in the photos and your art.
Love the documentation and great photos. And congrats to them on a successful start up and year. COVID can't keep them down!

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