Finally, a baby bird beak!

Finally, a baby bird beak!

Finally, I've been waiting since late March for baby birds. Mama barn swallow has been sitting on the nest a looooong time. And it looks like she traded in Papa for a new mate. 1st Papa was quite chubby, new Papa is thin. So I was very excited when I opened the front door and spotted this cute little orange baby beak. Looks like there's 5 babies too, new Papa must be quite fertile! Mama has been very protectively watching over them, so I haven't gotten any good photos yet. But I will...

Used a photo cover from a template set.

Thanks for looking.
OOOOOOh fantastic !! we have 5 young blackbirds

Love the clean design !
Aw such a sweet and uplifting moment and darling elements and brushwork with your framing.
Awesome! Congratulations! We have lots of nesting birds but no babies at the feeder yet. They're always such a highlight!
Its so much fun watching and waiting and finally getting the gratification of the babies. It makes me chuckle about the new papa.
Look at that little beak, so very, very sweet, I love the composition very much like the white space, this is stunning Christy!

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