Family Affair

Family Affair

Talking about family challenges, some of which are definitely magnified during pandemic times. Used lots of Artsy Transfers and the Sojourn Classic Release, on sale now. In Photoshop Elements 14.
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  1. Anna Aspnes
Love this! Totally resonates with me. Wonderful design with frame and not frame, the red, and I love the building in the background. Even that the clock is partly obscured by the red.
This is amazing art! The frame in front really sets the scene, giving the page so much dimension. And then the house in the back! I think of you daily, especially as I burn my Fresh Start candle, and hope things settle down! (hugs)
Fabulous art! Love how the dress mannequins represent family ... and the naked truth. Great framing!
Love the visual of all the manikins and that great punch of maroon with the mystery house.
Love your mannequins! An interesting take on gathering today during the pandemic. Reference to home and time all so meaningful

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