Fading Memories

Fading Memories

I wonder about these memories or images from when I was two or three. I sure don't remember much.
Great photos and journaling. Sometimes it's hard to reach back to those early memories. Wonderful page!
Wonderful journaling and I love how you presented the photo of the house as slightly faded. As for swimming in the front yard? Could be true. I remember ice-skating on a neighbor's flooded and frozen basement foundation when their house was being built. (I was older and should have known better, LOL).
I don't remember anything from when I was that young, luckily we do have pictures.
Love the sepia and the green in your page !
Beautiful use of the faded background and faded photo to go with the solid you.
Love the idea of swimming in the front yard after the cloud burst.
This is just outstanding! Love how the background fades! great photo! It's funny how we have pieces of memories - I've been writing some of them, especially as I realize I am the last one who will have any memories of my childhood home (we moved when my brother was just 2).
Congratulations on the Gallery StandOuts feature! I love your page! I find green hard to work with, but have done beautifully. The ghosted image adds to the sense of time.
I love your blending of the background image as well. It really emphasizes the gauzy nature of our memories. Congrats on your well-deserved GSO!

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