Double Rainbow

Double Rainbow

My daughter texted me the pictures after the storm. I used the Rainbow Artplay Palette (of course) with a FotoBlendz and a multimedia frame to put them together, and built a cluster from layers of multimedia rainbows and a leaf from the APP. Finished with a light blue gradient at 34 degrees on color burn blend mode to tone down some colors and amp others up. The wordART is part of the bonus collection that came with the original release.
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Can't help but feel very lucky to see a double rainbow all the way across the sky and with a worthy scene. Or even to have someone else see one. ;) Great page and it's not as easy to make a great page with one as it would seem. Nice work!
What an incredible story and capture! Amazing color and rainbows and the perfect palette!
I think this is one of the best double rainbow shots I've seen because the scenery under it is so nice. Beautiful!
Gorgeous double rainbow! Hope there are two pots of gold at the ends!

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