Donald Where's Your Troosers

Donald Where's Your Troosers

The idea came to me to find a Scottish song for a layout and I found this one Ive never heard of, but was a hit in the UK in 1980 according to Wikipedia. I went with it. Its a catchy tune and Ive included the link if you want to hear it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pDJflQfNUE8 And didnt we all want to know?

ArtsyTransfers FernwehArtsyTransfersFernweh
ArtPlay Palette FernwehArtPlayPaletteFernweh
MultiMedia Branches No. 10MultiMediaBranchesNo.10
Scottish Heritage No. 2ScottishHeritageNo.2
Music Notes No. 2MusicNotesNo.2
Photo: Internet
Fonts: Afatar and Toms Handwritten New

Notes: The photo was tiny and I extracted as best I could with a reverse mask and enlarged it just a bit. I duplicated it and put it on Screen bland mode with a reduced opacity of 59% and duplicated it again and used the Poster Edges filter and blended to Soft Light. I wanted to disguise the pixelation.

The foundation layer is solid paper 2. I built up the page with a transfer from the kit at the top right side of the page and blended to Linear Burn. Over the transfer I brought in the artsy transfers and underneath the photo the map from Scottish Heritage 2 and blended to Linear Burn and duplicated. Artsy stains was added to the left side of the page.

The bag piper was placed at the right side of the page with a piece of an artsy transfer underneath along with the music notes.The title was added along with the lyrics of the song.

Finally the berries and thread was brought in to finish the page.
Such a fun page Barbara ... I believe it is true ... love how you journaled ...
Gasping for air...love love this page and smiling over the bare butt! Just awesome!!
Excellent pixelation disguise--I find I am always involved in doing that, in one way or another, with my snapshots. Nice balance to this page, and you've integrated the big text block really well.

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