Deck the Halls

Deck the Halls

NEW ArtPlay Palette Mistletoe Collection 12.7.18
ArtPlay Palette Mistletoe
Holiday WordART Mix No. 10_B, WA Deck the Halls
AASPN Evergreen FotoBlendz No. 2_3
MultiMedia Branches No. 12_4

AASPN Snow Sprinklez No. 1_4 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/SnowSprinklez-No.-1.html
AASPN Evergreen Edge Overlays No. 1_2 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Evergreen-Edge-Overlays-No.-1.html


On a new blank canvas, Palette Solid Paper 2 was placed.
FotoBlendz2_3 was placed and my photo clipped and positioned. The FB was adjusted to fit with the branch in front of the gooses face.
MM Branches was placed on the gooses neck, along with snow sprinkles1_4, and other palette elements.
Palette transfer edge overlay1_2 was placed on the right edge on color dodge blend mode. Transfer 1 was rotated, set on overlay blend mode at 65% opacity at the lower edge of the page.
Holiday Wordart Deck the Halls was recolored, given a stroke and drop shadow adjustment. The bird and elements placed on the font tail.
Evergreen Edge Overlay1_2, recolored to white and set on color dodge blend mode finished the page.

Thank you for looking/commenting
Beautiful! Love the blended swan with the MM Branches place along the neck! Simply gorgeous!
Very clever :)
I love the swan, all dressed up for a festive time, and visiting with his chatty little friend. Beautifully done!

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