Day 1 - Annie

Day 1 - Annie

Thank you donatrj for your lovely heritage page for the challenge.

ArtPlay Palette Winter Sunrise (striped paper)
ArtPlay Palette Epoch (with colors highly desaturated)
Gold Paint No.1

As a child, Annie was institutionalized for a while. I seem to remember whispers of a nervous breakdown. If that’s true, it was probably caused by her mother, my great-grandmother. I may never know the real story. I knew Annie when she was in her 50s through early 80s. She was marvelous. A style mayven. Always beautifully crafted in her dress and her words. Even here, sitting in her bed at the institution, I can see she’s not broken. She’s just wating for the day when she’s set free.

I started with the striped paper. The photo is masked using a transfer from the APP. I built up the cluster, then merged the layers and masked them to give them a weathered look. Added the gold paint and some brush work including the tiny splatters. Added the title and called it done.

Thanks for looking.
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Congratulations on the Standing O! So well deserved.
So beautiful heritage page ... love the bit of color ...
Congratulations on the Standing O. This is the perfect photo treatment and elements for this otherwise dull photo.
What an incredible page, Adryane, with beautiful blending, colors, and composition. Well deserving of the Standing O. The story of Annie touched me deeply and literally gave me goosebumps. I'm so glad she overcame whatever caused her to be institutionalized at such a young age. ♥
This page is stunning. I love simple pages and you made this so beautiful. Your cluster is s blended perfectly with the photo. Thank you for sharing the story! As my gallery is small - I'm glad you were able to find something that made such a wonderful page!
Congratulations on being chosen for today's Gallery Standouts Blog!!


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