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April 13, 2021 - Covid19 delayed reaction or just stress? I'm loosing my hair in excess. Each time I run my fingers through my hair I see lots of strands, the same when I shower, when I towel it dry there are strands all over it. I researched "Hair Loss" on the internet and found lots of articles of woman that are loosing their hair after 3 to 4 months of having Covid19. Well it's about that many months, Jim and I both had Covid19 the beginning of January of this year. Of course stress is another reason for excessive hair loss in women, I've certainly been under alot of it the last year. Getting the house in CA. ready for the move, the move itself, trying to find our dream house and now worried about Jim's health.

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You are dealing with a LOT but documenting it so well and effectively. Great spread from left to right.
Oh My goodness--so much to deal with! I would sure check with a doctor if I were losing that much hair. Best of luck on your move to your new home. Hope you will both feel better when you are settled.
Yikes! Lots to deal with. Hope things settle for you soon. Beautiful page and documentation. (Love the placement of your photo!)
Stress from having the Covid will result in hair loss my step daughter had Covid and lost loads of hair as I did when I had the shingles I was told to see a hair specialist as my doctor just shrugged his shoulders and said there was nothing I could do so I told my Osteopath and he told me he knew a hair specialist so I went to see her and she put me on Minoxidil you have to use a syringe minus the needle and only apply it around the crown of your head it took a long time it is still not as it used to be but better than it was I hope you recover soon from Covid and that finding a hair Specialist will help you congratulations on GSO x
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I have a hard time scrapping about the less pleasant facts of life. Kudos to you for such an impressive page, and congrats on your GSO!

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