and so it goes . . . A NEW ADVENTURE
Its time I say goodbye to this place and it will be rare when I come back. Ive lived here most of my life and seen the town grow and change, but as Im packing up, getting ready to move, memories come flooding back. There were good times and bad times, but I prefer to dwell on the happy times. I wish the town the best, but I wish it out of my life. I am looking forward to very different pastures and it feels refreshing.

ArtPlay Palette HingeArtPlayPaletteHinge
Autumn WordART Mix No. 5AutumnWordARTMixNo.5
Aroung The Clock No. 2AroundTheclockNo.2
PaperTextures No. 11PaperTexturesNo.11

Notes: Using solid paper 3 as the foundation and positioning the photo, I using a layer mask and gradient tool and got rid of the top hard edge. I blended the photo to Color Burn. Using a couple of Clock brushes, I used the Bevel and Emboss on the large clock and placed a button where the hands meet in the middle. I used a couple of Hinge brushed at the upper left of the clock.

Art strokes and splatters from the kit where added along with brushes in the upper left quarter of the page. Word art was also added along the left edge and down at the bottom of the page. Journaling was pasted in with a little label added at the end with a shadow added. A paper texture was stamped at the top right.

To finish the page I used the Blend Ifs on the word art transfer, word art and journaling.
A vast composition for a vast transition. Wishing you the best of adventures in your movement forward! Sometimes it's the internal space that needs to be enlarged, sometimes the external. Whichever...it's great that you're listening to what's right for you. Beautiful work!
How exciting. Hope your new adventure is wonderful. I live in the town I grew up in. I have moved several times but always ended back here so I have given up on moving. Leave you bad memories behind.
To me, this page tells your story of heading to new adventures, and I am very excited for you, and wish you new joys and special times to bring new memories. The mountain view here looks beautiful...will you have a new mountain range to see?
Beautiful layout... you can always persuade change to be good.You are in charge..
Yay for you! I remember some of your tough times in a tourist town. Can't wait to see what's next.
have a great new adventure! this page is gorgeous! love how the photo fills the whole page!

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