Challenge #7: Mr & Mrs Ruddy

Challenge #7: Mr & Mrs Ruddy

Fewer birds Tuesday at MVNWR, but lots of yellow-headed blackbirds and two elk. While ruddy ducks swam with their mates, a baby coot swam with one adult. Both Canada goose parents stayed with their babies. We saw a meadowlark, cinnamon, redhead & shoveler ducks.
Credits list
Anna Aspnes: Paper & Transfer (Jouer), arrow, corner slit frame slits
Lynn Grieveson: Paper & frame (Crowned)
Viva: Milagro heart and wire with ties
Designer(s) Used:
  1. Anna Aspnes
  2. Lynn Grieveson
  3. Viva Artistry
Love the reflection and ties! Clever use of the artsy Kardz (?) layered behind the frame. Will have to use that idea. Great names, also!
LOVE the reflection in the water and your framing of the ducks! Great job on the challenge! Thanks for participating!
Count me in as somebody who also loves that reflection! Gorgeous spread...love ruddy ducks. We saw a Merganser family with 13 chicks, egad! The warm accents are great on the page, too.
Gorgeous! I love the stacking on the perfect photo and the perfect blending on the bottom accents and brushwork!
Love that watery background and how the layers progress up to the focal image! The element colors are really great!
YAS... that refection and wave is fabulous! I can image it's such great fun taking these pictures! Your colors and blending is wonderful! Can't wait to see more!!!
Well this made me smile. Mr & Mrs Ruddy deserve a whole illustrated book to themselves. I can imagine introducing them to my grandchildren. xx
Beautiful! Love the wavy reflection, the proud birds, and the wonderful banner.
This is gorgeous! I too was out photographing the ruddy ducks. The photo is gorgeous and love the shimmering reflection of the reeds.

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