Challenge #3: Imogene Pass

Challenge #3: Imogene Pass

I sent this postcard to my dad in August of 2013 and it was in the box of memorabilia nobody else in the family wanted. In the ten years since I sent it, my dad couldn't keep going and that Jeep didn't either. And we wondered if we'd return to Imogene Pass with my oxygen prescription.
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Anna Aspnes: APP Mountain High, MMDocuments, MMMagicSprinklez, Nostalgia WordArt, ButtonThreadz, brushes
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Sometimes the memories are worth so much--some so bittersweet. You have been blessed with all the wonderful travels you have taken and we are fortunate that you have shared them through your wonderful art.
That postcard is a treasure! And i heart the way you honor it with this beautiful layout.
What a wonderful moment it is to find something like this. Knowing how pleased he must have been when he received it...I bet he read it multiple times before he saved it with other documents that were important to him. I hope that you can return to Imogene Pass. (Oh and beautifully scrapped layout! Love the colors.)
What a special treat finding your postcard... and what a bittersweet memory. It is a beautiful part of our state... I ran the Imogene Pass Run a couple times... Ouray to Telluride... it's up there in the clouds. I love your travelogs... and your creativity!
It's the little things that remind us of treasured memories, isn't it? A lovely tribute to your past.
wonderful memory! these little things that take so much importance with the years! nice layout!
Look at you! Great photo and love the yellow Jeep (although all Jeeps should be red!)
Fabulous double page layout!! this is an amazing photo and I specially like the post card, wow!!
Beautiful use of the postcard and a really nice photo of you (and your old Jeep).

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